Monday, July 21, 2008

Drawings from the Studio

I did these using my favorite space pen at the Met.

"God is in the details." -Mies Van Der Rohe

This is me putting the finishing touches on the gold ball inlay that I have incorporated into many of the new pieces for August. The red pitch is heated until soft and the pieces are melted into it. Once it cools the pitch is hard creating a supportive background for working the metal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Notes from JP: Designs in Progress

The three rings on the left are guache painted wax models that I use as part of my design process. The one with the yellow center is a small version of the Crete ring. This part is actually sort of playful, and I allow myself to experiment and try out new ideas based on what is currently interesting and inspiring to me. You will notice along with the drawings and poetry on the cork board, there is a post card with a photo of one of San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa's woven wire sculptures that hang in the de Young Museum. Ruth is a family friend, and her life and work are an inspiration to me.

Elvedina wearing Elvedina

Elvedina is pictured here wearing the Elvedina necklace. She’s been with Jeanine Payer Studios since 1999. Elvedina specializes in leatherwork as well as metalsmithing and is one of the hottest smiths on the block.

Congratulations to Stefane and Remi....

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Stefane and Remi who came all the way from France to pick up their custom engraved weddings bands in our retail store. They were married on June 21st, 2008. Congratulations to you both!

Sheryl Crow at Hard Rock Calling

Sheryl Crow is seen wearing the Bennett ring at Hard Rock Calling in London. The Police, Eric Clapton and The Bangles also performed.