Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Gifts That Spring Will Bring

This collection gives a nostalgic nod to the silver charms of my childhood; the boy kissing the girl comes to mind first, the little silhouette charms we all collected and treasured. The poetry juxtaposed against clean lines of metal bring a graphic feel to the designs, with the combination of gold and silver--something I have always loved.

Stylistically I was able to go bigger while still keeping the work light-weight.

This collection, since it is made using stampings, is done entirely in our shop from beginning to end.

Joel holding the dye we use to press the shapes out of metal sheet

I have been wearing the Phelan along with the Fuentes with William’s picture. The combination feels fresh and easy and bright; just the right reflection as we watch with hope and anticipation for what will come next; for the gifts that spring will bring.