Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Card

My old friend, 'Parberry,' imports Italian paper goods from the Amalfi Coast. My first business card was made from this special paper which was made to this exact size like individual wafers, not cut or torn. And Julie Addison of Addison Endpapers, printed them all by hand. Someone recently sent this in which is great because I haven't been able to find any!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Here You Have The Santiago

Love is the poetry of the senses. --Honore de Balzac

Love is the beauty of the soul. --St. Augustine

When my wax came back from the castor upstairs--our R and D caster we call him--my face was red hot with anger. I worked on that little heart for days and was concerned that it might not come out. And I was assured it would be just fine.

It wasn't fine. It was the one piece that did not come back looked like it a little hole burst through the already hollow piece.

A few weeks later, after musing on my broken heart, the disaster revealed itself to be a blessiing in disguise and here you have the Santiago, one of my favorite new pieces.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Only Get Once Chance

The giant magnolia tree in Golden Gate Park only blooms for a couple of weeks so I ran down to do some drawings last Tuesday while I could. Pressing the petals into a plaque on a bench created this ephemeral result--it is hard to get it right and you only get one chance. Just looking at these white petals seems to bruise their delicate skin.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Inner Bride by Melissa

Katja, Teja 18k & Vanessa 18k rings

Melissa: I love stacking rings and I think this combination make a great wedding set. These are the tiniest rings in the collection and I want them all!

JP: I was at the farmer's market this weekend and ran into an old friend. He had the white gold Marina and his wife had the gold Rivera as their wedding bands. I had no idea they got rings from us so it was extra sweet.

Spring Layering by Melissa

Fiore and Vineet 18k

The combination of the ladybug Vineet necklace along with the quince blossom inspired Fiore - both 18k gold -make a warm and gorgeous reminder that Spring is just around the corner...

Everytime a new collection comes out, the girls here at JP have a favorite piece. Normally, our tastes are varied...but when the 20th Anniversary Collection was launched late last year, three of us (including myself) purchased the Fiore necklace. I wear mine almost everyday, as it makes a perfect layering piece.