Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curtis Jere in the kitchen and Studio

My tiny kitchen is going to be featured in a Japanese book! They are spotlighting the kitchens of artists, designers and store owners from the Bay Area. My friends Rae Dunn and Bradley Burch have their kitchens included as well.

I have these pop art Curtis Jere wall sculptures from the 60's and 70's hanging in my kitchen. The missing oversized 'ladle' from the series escaped me on eBay recently. I have no cupboards so the kitchen is a triumph of form over function, and never easy to navigate. The good news is that it is the perfect back-drop for my obsession...

My first C. Jere was purchased for the studio. The black birds got a mixed reaction from my crew.

This was soon to follow...
I have stopped questioning the obsession. This one is in my design room.


  1. Hi! I was doing some research for my blog when I came across yours. My mother designed the kitchen utensils for C.Jeré back in the 70's...in fact the can opener was her very first piece. She has been designing for them over 30 years now! See my blog at
    Love your obsession!!

    1. Hi - I would like more info on your mom working for C. Jere - I have lots of his artwork. Jennifer

  2. did C. Jere made a Spatula as well?