Friday, February 20, 2009

Ari K.: Notes from the Production Desk...

Sonja, our repairs specialist, walks past our metalsmiths on a busy day.

As the manager of production, it is my job to accommodate orders with extreme sensitivity to our customer’s deadlines.
Since we make every piece to order it gets a little tricky during our busy holiday seasons. Our metalsmiths: Izeta, Joel, Elvedina, Dervisa, and Chie never fail to impress us with their speed, focus, attention to detail and general hilariousness. This Valentine’s Day most certainly took the cake. We had initially planned to make just under 300 pieces, during our week long production cycle, but after last minute requests (I mean, really? Who am I turn away somebody in need of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their sweetheart) we were able to accommodate 51 additional pieces! That is more than 10 extra pieces per metal smith, most definitely a Jeanine Payer record! I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I saw what they had accomplished. Way to go Team! I hope everybody can appreciate the hard work that goes into every Jeanine Payer piece. ~Ari K.

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