Friday, May 29, 2009

In The Store

Sometimes it is nice to have a small burst of color to layer with your favorite necklaces--especially in the summer. Down in the store we have a small selection of gem necklaces using some of our most beautiful semi precious stones. I also am using some black diamonds and horn...more pictures to come.


  1. Glorious! I already layer mine, but am anxious to see more pictures of my new obsession.

    PS: loving the idea of the hidden words in the petals of tiny flowers. Are you still accepting poetry? I have some to send you way.

  2. Yes, Kate I would love, LOVE to see some new work. Thank you in advance :)

  3. wish i could see them in person. beautiful photos.
    i'm wearing "on the cusp" happily with one of your rings...will have to take a pic and send along, put on my blog.
    i carry a copy of e alexander's inaugural poem with me so that i can read from that when asked 'what does it say?'.
    such a sweet story. x0