Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts on 20th Anniversary Collection

this is a ring from the new collection.

While drawing this collection, I surrounded myself every morning with flowering dogwood and cherry blossoms and was deeply inspired by the turn of the century works of Faberge and Lalique so full of poetry and astonishing detail. I realized that movement was inherent to the butterfly and that the pieces, like a lot of Faberge's work, had to have a magical secret to them-- in my own early pieces I made pieces with mystery such as an anatomical heart ring with a hidden door, a 'Travel Book' that opened to expose a tiny keyhole with a picture inside. This new collection goes back stylistically to my earliest creations in that they are all about the power of the secret.

I think of these pieces as small meditations to be worn together or next to each other. Making the Wedding Dress and Flower Girl necklaces, I thought of the dense silver and gold charm bracelets worn by my mother and grandmother that I played with as a child. Each pendant contains a private meaning, a poem that carries a potency that helps tell the unique narrative of the person who wears it.…. I am so proud of every single piece—they are magic--- and am so happy to present them at this milestone in my life as a designer.


  1. An amazing collection! I first stumbled on your work at the Rubaiyat in Calgary Alberta Canada when I was looking for a piece to sort of commemorate my Grandfather's life. So many fit so well! In the end my husband bought Allison for me, and I love wearing it and fingering the engraved poem. Truly, your works transcend mere jewellery and become an experience in themselves.

  2. Just wanted to drop a comment on how fantastic your line is. I am continually impressed by your unique and deep selection of poems as well as the designs you create to go with the beautiful words. Very organic and perfect with the poetry. I've seen plenty of quotes and poetry on jewelry but no one does it better than you.

    I have a retired chunky ring with a Lao Tzu quote that I wear every day and it is so special. I love your larger designs and hope to see (and own!) more of them.

    Alas I don't live in SF so I have never been to the store, and have had to buy my pieces from other retailers, but I look forward to visiting it when I am in the area.