Friday, September 25, 2009

Bronze Anatomical Heart

Here is one of my first cast pieces from the early 90's and it is made of bronze, silver with two small rubies. I was very into Frida Kahlo, Mexican Milagros and folk art at the time and this imagery inspired my anatomical heart ring.


  1. I love the anatomical heart idea! Any thoughts on bringing something with that kind of design back... especially in silver?

  2. This is an amazing piece! I love it! Its like modern "cameo" when you add in a photo element. And how cleaver and delicate to add a photo to a ring! Please bring this concept to commercial some way(ring, pendant etc).

  3. ...we brought back a version of this in a limited edition vintage collection and offered it in silver and gold. I am sure there are some stores out there who still carry it and I wish I could find out for you...I will look into it. I think it might be fun to do a large scale necklace. It is tricky having a photo in a ring...not the best idea as rings get wet a lot and these are not completely water proof.