Monday, May 24, 2010

Bracelet Layering by Melissa

Unleash your inner rock goddess...
Zephyr, Rennes, Alene, Barbara, and Carina bracelets

There's something almost rock 'n roll about having an arm full of bracelets. I remember having a poster of the seminal cool 80's band, X, on my bedroom wall and admiring the way their singer Exene Cervenka used to pile up her vintage bracelets on her arm. Exene, by the way, is not only a great singer, but also a fantastic poet and ex-wife to both bandmate John Doe AND actor Viggo Mortensen. Lucky lady indeed. It must've been something about those bracelets...

Exene Cervenka, 1982


  1. LOVE the layering. what ring is melissa wearing?

  2. Oh, I'm in heaven! I just found you and your blog through handful of salt (love them!). I feel like I'm so out of touch! I have a shop in Santa Cruz and don't see anyone nearby carrying your awesome line. We should talk?