Monday, August 9, 2010

There's No Business Like Show Business

This is how our booth looked when we arrived... Mathew at Lost City Arts in the Bowery helped us pick just the right mid century furnishings. The flower petal tables were fantastic, along with the Kai Christiansen and Nelson credenzas. It felt like we were in a cozy library/salon.

After a day of organizing, merchandising and lifting poetry books we could take a breath. The gorgeous flowers from the Japanese artist, Katsuya Nishimori at Florisity were the finishing touch--it is hard to really see in this picture but notice the leaves are on the outside of the vase.

A good looking crew, despite the fact that I had my dress on backwards by accident for the first half of the day.

Inside the Javits Convention Center.

We had the good fortune to be right at the entrance of the show but the bad fortune to be across from the hulking Swarovski 'lounge.' Rap mashups do not create the best ambience for showing our wares. The good news: free bedazzling!

Our good friend and neighbor, jewelry designer Gerard Yosca, deciding what necklace to add to his collection.

After taking a break from trade shows for a few years it was wonderful to see our long time accounts in person again. Here is the mother and daughter team, Elaine and Shea, from Jambu in Marblehead. Elaine is a hoot and Shea is an opera singer in NY... who refused to sing in our booth.

Whitney and Robyn from Silverado in Saratoga Springs work with Kazu and Anton.
Doug from Silverado (wearing Chrome Hearts, what the heck?) and fellow jewelry designer and my long time show husband, Alexis Bittar. Alexis and I have standing lunch dates at the shows for over a century--that's in 'show years.'

Here we have the sexy MK, talented blogger and manager of Cursive, the amazing store on the ground floor in ABC Carpet and they also have an outpost in Grand Central. I am so proud to be featured in their ezquisitely curated stores. They have one of the biggest collections of our work in the country.
Goodbye New York! for now! We had a fantastic time!



  1. i so love your jewelry and I had owned two pieces a ring and necklace and took them off one day to shower and lost them due to my house burning down , i miss them so they were a part of me and kept me grounded, but i am trying to save to get the two pieces againbefore i die , I love your jewelry so much , have apink rainbow day
    georgia stewart
    mypinkrainbow on you tube (proof my house burned down it is one of my first videos)

  2. How are you though the blog has not been updated for one month or more?

  3. Hi Mayu,

    I just finally had a moment to do the post above...we have been preparing to move our entire offices, design and production studio. I also went on vacation to the South of France which was fantastic. I will be on my normal once a week post schedule from here on out! I hope all is well with you!!

  4. Goodness gracious, JP... I'm just reading this post and... SEXY? Now I must live up to that new adjective... hmmmm.... that's seems simple enough. How are you? Love chatting with Kazu & Janet about the new space. Congrats again.

  5. That is the only time that word has even been uttered on this blog, I'll have you know! and it's all true! See you in January!! xoJP