Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Of Hands by Melissa

Left: Self Portrait, Frida Kahlo 1940
Right: Filippo earrings, Jeanine Payer 2010

Two Moons, Mano & Blue Moon necklaces

I'm completely obsessed with the Filippo earrings in our Fall 2010 Collection. They remind me of the hand earrings in Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait, which were an actual gift from Pablo Picasso, whom she met in Paris. Our earrings have a tiny quote engraved on the gold bracelet that says, I choose all ~St. Therese.

I also love all the different elements when layering these three necklaces, from the tiny gold bracelet on the Mano (hand) necklace to the aquamarine on the Blue Moon. The Two Moons necklace reminds me of a tiny antique padlock. The quote is hidden and the two pieces swing open to reveal the engraving on the inside, which reads: All our progress is an unfolding. ~Emerson

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