Friday, December 17, 2010

A Fun Affair

My store is so small-- 160 feet--that I have always been hesitant, afraid to have parties. Last night was fun and easy breezy and I now plan to have them regularly. It is just plain nice to get to meet people who support my design and encourage me to keep making stuff I love. As an artist, I require the feeling of having to rise to the occasion of a smart, selective audience. Knowing this audience (and I like to think of them as 'connoisseurs') takes great care in what they chose to live with, to wear, I always feel a sense of gratitude when I find out someone has a collection of several pieces. And the amazing thing is that most of our customers do have several pieces that help tell a sort of narrative of times in their lives. I love hearing the stories.

Either our place is really dim or the store on our right is blinding!

Janet made wonderful set of bookmarks that we gave out. We had 100 macaroons and we didn't have that many leftover...

Let's see if our holiday arrangement goes the way of the giant succulent!

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