Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Grows Love: Wedding Ring Set Exclusive at Twist in Portland

Recently I created my first set of wedding rings for Twist in Portland. The solitaire diamond is rose cut and there are 4 small diamonds on the hand engraved side wings. The wedding band has two small diamonds on the side of the words:

Love grows love.

--Casey Haymes

The solitaire was a challenge for me as I am used to having the words be the main design element. Paul, the owner at Twist gave me some great pointers, direction and creative support and helped me to get in the right mindset. I can't wait to make more now!! In the end I think they turned out really great. These rings are only available at Twistonline.com and in the Twist retail store in Portland in the wedding ring room.


  1. I want these rings!!!!!!!

  2. Jeanine, the set is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  3. Wow, the rings are so lovely! I went to the site but couldn't find it though. Will they be restocking it soon?

  4. Wonderful!!! The band is really excellently engraved...
    i also loved the writings... "Love Grows Love"
    was this decided by you or Casey???
    For a moment i thought its a round cut diamond!!!