Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Fun Day in NY with Jeanine Payer, Alexis Bittar and Raphael!

It started out a normal day, strolling through the park interacting with some modern art...
When Alexis thought it would be a good idea for William to see the Statue of Liberty while dressed in costume.

He told my son we would take over the world, as soon as he got back from the gym.
When we got to Abracadabra it seemed to make sense for us all to wear costume.  To reflect our mood!

In the Ferry Terminal Alexis met another man wearing a wig and they united!

We had to keep our energy up!

People were overheard saying, "Oh, they are going to a party!"

William seemed to have bigger fish to fry, never mind that old statue.

But it is hard not be awed by her regal beauty.

It was windy getting off.
On the way back we met a friend.

But then Alexis walked right into a pole when we were getting off!  Pumpknot!

So he iced it at home for 6 hours and it was completely gone!

We had a super fun day.


  1. What an awesome awesome day! Love your post!

  2. I love this! love that you all dressed up, love that you are kindred spirits in fun, and love the pictures! That one of you in the wind is a great shot.