Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi Miyako!

Miyako is giving my head a hammerin' which is blond since she saw it last

Miyako Kurooka is our chic and well travelled agent in Japan. She landed last night and was at our offices bright and early as always--she has more energy than anyone I know. We took her over to the Rotunda in Neiman's where we lunched and cought up over the famous pop overs that were larger than our heads. Here is what I learned: Miyako isn't fond of camping and Kazu, our wholesale specialist, spent her early years living in a hotel--exactly like Eloise! oh, and we did talk a little about business...

Miyako is responsible for introducing Camper and Henri Beguelin to Japan. Currently she has five Henri Beguelin stores and we are happy to have a small selection featured in three of them. My dream is to someday have a teeny tiny store in Japan and Miyako is the one who I would trust to do that well. I have to be really, really patient because that does not happen overnight. We sell to about 25 stores there including Barneys Japan so relatively few people are aware of my line there...someday...
here is an example of a shop in shop in Japan.

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