Friday, June 19, 2009

The Zoo and Decorating with Workbenches

Its is Friday and I have already covered serious ground at the zoo this morning. We saw the baby gorilla and the feeding of the grizzlies... but most importantly, William found an awesome puddle to stomp in right in front of the tigers.

I have been tortured about working all the time in my studio and being away from Will so I made an executive decision to put one of our extra workbenches right in the middle of my dining room--not exactly in the middle but in front of the windows. Phew.

A long time ago, I lived in a warehouse and I felt a pressure to work all the time since there was no boundary between 'work' and 'live' in the space. It wore me out, I ended up having a little health break down and I swore to always keep things separate no matter what. Now that I have a family I find myself having to do whatever it takes to structure my work differently, in a totally new way, and it is turning out to be really more difficult and painful being away from him--more than I thought it would be. The challenge is that what I do requires a lot of concentration and very specific tools so it isn't something I can just do on a computer from anywhere. I have to admit that I am having a real love/hate moment with my work.


  1. GREAT idea to have a satellite studio in your dining room! and you won't have to worry about working non-stop, as you did in the sawmill building, because william will dictate your home-office work schedule. you can work while he is napping or while he is watching baby einstein . . . and great background music for YOU !! it's a win win.

  2. I can relate, the love of my work and the love of being with my children. The children part is going so quickly, I see it passing before my eyes. I don't want to look back and feel like "I should have..." It is a balancing act for sure!