Thursday, December 10, 2009

JP Holiday Field Trip

on our way to the aquarium on the historic trolly

Yesterday's JP holiday field trip proved to be one of our most fun events so far--I think we may have gained a customer or two on the trolly based on our charismatic and ephervescent personalities. A little time was carved out in the middle of our busiest season, and just the idea of travelling away together to someplace otherworldly---a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium---was a psychic vacation. I love my team, they are gifted, extroardinarily lovely people. Hats off to the kids! and especially to Megan, the organizer for making our fun field trip happen so seemlessly.


  1. Being the chosen random photographer for the trolley group photo, I decided to wander into your shop not long after our encounter. It seemed like fate that I ran into your group, as I have been perplexed to find that unique piece to give to my wife for my 10th wedding anniversary. Melissa and Anton were wonderfully helpful, and now I have that wonderful unique gift I had been looking for, and a great story to go with it!

    Although now I expect to be invited to next year's Christmas gathering. :-)

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

    - Trent

  2. I love this story! We even talked about it at our all staff huddle the other morning. So our good energy got someone into the store afterall. I hope your wife loves her necklace and thank you so much for coming in but also for the great picture you took of us :)