Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Are Here

The landmark Phelan Building was built before the 1906 earthquake and then rebuilt twice its original size after burning to the ground. Each suite has gas and water and lends itself to the business of making jewelry, dentistry, hair salons, etc. It was the jewelry hub in its day. Although Union Square is an unlikely place to be manufacturing jewelry, we have been doing exactly that for 17 years. It can be challenging at times, the studios are connected like a rabbit warren and we have them scattered over the 5th floor, but it works somehow and I kind of love it. Being here we are connected to a long history. Many stone cutters, setters, and all sorts of jewelry craftspeople are our neighbors-- something we almost take for granted. I go next door to Hong, the gemcutter. He has been in the building for 27 years. Having our store within the same building also creates a synergy between studio and customer. It may sound corny but I always loved how Hermes has workshops above their store in Paris. A romanitic idea, but also good business to keep everything close where quality is assured and communication flows easily. For us, making small, intimate pieces that say so much in such a tiny scale, it all makes perfect sense.

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