Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Here You Have The Santiago

Love is the poetry of the senses. --Honore de Balzac

Love is the beauty of the soul. --St. Augustine

When my wax came back from the castor upstairs--our R and D caster we call him--my face was red hot with anger. I worked on that little heart for days and was concerned that it might not come out. And I was assured it would be just fine.

It wasn't fine. It was the one piece that did not come back perfect...it looked like it a little hole burst through the already hollow piece.

A few weeks later, after musing on my broken heart, the disaster revealed itself to be a blessiing in disguise and here you have the Santiago, one of my favorite new pieces.


  1. That's what I call a Happy Accident! I have a ceramic turtle that lives in our house. It's back was a bowl that flew off the wheel during trimming and hit a coat hanger leaving a big dent in it's rim. I looked at it and thought - aha, a turtle! I love Happy Accidents!

    Your piece is fabulous! I'm going to put it on my wish list.

  2. I love this piece; a true reflection of the human heart...