Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Layering by Melissa

Fiore and Vineet 18k

The combination of the ladybug Vineet necklace along with the quince blossom inspired Fiore - both 18k gold -make a warm and gorgeous reminder that Spring is just around the corner...

Everytime a new collection comes out, the girls here at JP have a favorite piece. Normally, our tastes are varied...but when the 20th Anniversary Collection was launched late last year, three of us (including myself) purchased the Fiore necklace. I wear mine almost everyday, as it makes a perfect layering piece.


  1. 20th Anniversary Collection,I bought Solange necklace.I wear it every day,every time.
    I love it ( ' v ' )

  2. Hello
    If anyone can help.
    I am looking for the 18k Fiore neclace.
    Please email me