Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trunkshow at Barneys in Scottsdale this Saturday

I don't do trunk shows that often but we have a few special ones coming up. This weekend I am headed out to Scottsdale with Kazu by my side to visit the beautiful new Barneys in Fashion Square from 10 to 4 on Saturday. I am going out a day early so I can get a look at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at the Taliesin West House that is supposed to be amazing.


  1. Oh,I can't go to America this weekend...
    ( - _ - ...
    Please enjoy it!!

    And...someday,please do trunkshow in Japan.

  2. Hi Mayu! I think we might have a store opening in Osaka in the fall! I will keep you posted!!

  3. Oh,really!?
    It's amazing!!I will go to Osaka(I live in Tokyo now).
    I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

  4. Hi Long time no see! I'm another fan from Japan and my hometown is very near Osaka!
    Jeanine, I really wish your new dream come true in Osaka!!! Thanks for revealing your secret plan a bit :D