Friday, June 4, 2010

New Life in the Studio

I took a trip to the Flora Grubb Gardens last week.

They helped me pick the perfect mix for my flower boxes in my design studio...

It is amazing what new life can do for a room.

I got some other plants as well for the rest of the studio. Here is the wholesale room where we meet

I like C. Jere metal wall sculptures because they loosely relate to what we do but in a large scale.

This cheerful bright green guy is for the shipping/customer service/websale room.

I came in to find the Jeanine Payer boxes were just splayed out in front like a cornucopia.

Janine B. told me about the amazing Flora Grubb Gardens a while back when she first went there to find our succulents for the retail store flower box. Because our building is a historic landmark we are not allowed to have an awning. And our sign is tiny. The flower box is the only reason I think people are able to find us! So the succulent has become our version of a sandwich board, and quite the conversation piece. People stop to take pictures of it all the time which is really surprising to me. It must be due to the Little Shop of Horrors size it has grown into.

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  1. I went to the JTI program at Revere Academy last Fall and I loved going into the store everytime I found it open (usually stayed late). It was an absolute joy going in: from the jewelry to the decoration, it was a small little sanctuary. Seeing the pic of the entrance to the Phelan Building right next to the store brings me lots of good memories :)