Monday, June 28, 2010

We Had a Great Time

The owners of Twist started out as artists themselves before they opened their first store in Eugene in 1980. A weaver and a potter, they come from a place of nurturing and support of the artists represent. Not only world class retailers, Paul and Lauren are also tireless in their search for inspired, cool things. Kazu and I stayed in their beautiful home while doing a personal appearance in the store over the weekend (look for pictures of their home in the October issue of Architectural Digest) which was a treat in itself. Thank you Paul and Lauren and your impeccable team for having us for such a fun weekend.

The renowned retail architect, Richard Altuna, designed Twist in his dynamic and theatrical style. And in our own six degrees of separation, Richard was one of my first 'bosses' back in the day at the visionary concept store, Aerial, in SF in the late 80's, early 90's
the main entrance of (the enormous) Twist

this little three year old girl has one of our bracelets on--so sweet.

'I choose all' is what this young woman carefully selected on her new necklace of a saint's hand.


more perfection....we had dinner at the super chic butcher shop, Olympic Provisions...


  1. Jeanine, I love the saint's hand. When will it be available online?

  2. Hi Jeanine!

    I LOVE the saint's hand--I was wondering when/if you'll be selling those online!!!

    I love Twist as well--they were one of the first places I found your work. Beauty!


  3. Hello,Jeanine.
    I want the saint's hand too.

    Please bring it Osaka!!

  4. The Saint's hand is called the Mano necklace and two of them will be at Twist around July 9th. The toll free number is 877-248-6790. We will have the new collection in our other retailers as well as on our site around mid August.

  5. Mano. Perfect.

    Thanks for the heads-up!