Thursday, July 1, 2010

My New Nick Name

Maira Kalman asked me if my nick name was Lu Lu Margoni at her book signing last night at the Jewish Museum. I had her autograph it to J.P.

I went with my dear pal, Rae Dunn, to the book signing and opening of Maira's show. One of my favorite books is The Principles of Uncertainty. It isn't just her quirky paintings, drawings, heartstoppingly beautiful needlework and collections of ephemera, but is also the power of her non-linear narrative that leads you down the road of her thoughts on life. I was laughing and crying at certain points as it is that moving. I also was thrilled to see an original M. Kalman last weekend in Paul and Lauren's home--the folks who own Twist.

Anyway, Maira now owns a small Yabba cuff because a little bird left it on her book signing table--Rae left her some of her magical rocks, too. Maira said to Rae, 'The line stops here when gifts arrive!'

I love my new nick name.

Wish you were here,

Lu Lu Margoni


  1. I absolutely love Rae.....Love you.
    I can't imagine how thrilling it would have been standing in line with three amazing women who inspire me to no end....I love my children to the moon and back and I must say...Right behind them are the three of you! Thanks! XOXO to you!

  2. I must tell you that I was unfamiliar (gasp!) with Maira Kalman until this posting. NO idea how I missed out on her for so long, since I also read the NY Times! Since this posting, I have bought this book, as well as her illustrated version of The Elements of Style. The latter was a gift, along with one of your necklaces, to my daughter on the voyage from high school to college. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
    Your work is wonderful!