Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wolfgang Ring

I made an interpretation of a book necklace with the writing on the edges of the page back in 1995. It ended up looking like a rolodex. It was not a 'commercial success' but I really liked it. One day while playing around I tried the idea in a ring. It was bold--it reminded me of a movable Stonehenge!

The Wolfgang has been one of our most popular designs ever since (Ellen DeGeneres even has hers in 18k.) I have made a lot of mistakes and unpopular pieces in order to find the one with the perfect pitch.

Keep not standing

fixed and rooted.

Briskly venture,

briskly roam.



  1. Do you still sell that large interpretation of the Wolfgang necklace? I love it. I wear the Wolfgang ring everyday. I was very close to losing it today--eeek!--so it's funny I came across this today.

  2. Hi Jeanine Payer!

    I receive your emails, and today I clicked through to your blog and enjoyed getting a glimpse into your studio. I especially love the Giles ring.

    Reading your blog made me realize that I should send you the link to a post I did about your jewelry last year:

    The picture is of me trying on the Gabe ring that you sent to me in NYC in two sizes so I could see which fit.

    After much searching, the Gabe ring was clearly the answer for my wedding ring. I immediately adored it, and we got it subscribed with the date of our marriage.

    Recently (we've since moved to SF) my husband surprised me while I was on a trip by getting the pegs pounded down and the surface re-polished at your studio.

    The pegs were such a cool feature, but they did catch and bend with daily rough use as your sales staff had warned me they might.

    Your staff had earnestly suggested that such delicate, snag-prone detailing might not be best for a daily-wear wedding ring. They were right, but I didn't care, I loved it so much.

    And I have never cared since. I decided early on not to be precious about the ring, and to just let it wear as it will. I clean and garden with it on; essentially I never take it off.

    Sure, I've snagged a few sweaters in my haste, but the catching itself became symbolic to me, a constant little reminder that 1)I was now married, a new state of being, and 2)I should be careful and mindful when doing things.

    Now, having the pegs straightened again and pounded down smooth is a fitting symbol of the sweet sense of grounding and permanence that came with our first anniversary.

    The ring, like our marriage versus our wedding and honeymoon phase, is less showy now, but more practical and sublime.

  3. Kate, wish we were still making it. I want one, too! I have lost many a large ring and it HURTS--be careful.
    A, your blog post was so wonderful--took me back to those good old days. I remember I did an enormous personal order with Three Dots at one of those shows!! Thank you for letting those little pegs into your life and for not getting too angry at them. I know they made little sense but loved how they looked with that little plate--good idea to have them pounded :)

  4. Hi Jeanine--

    Ironically (see A's comment), I too, thought you might be interested in a link to my blog since you and your jewelry are the subject of today's post.

    I'm brand-new to blogging. My blog is called You Must Take Your Chance. Today I explain why!

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