Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Bite the Gold

When I was a little girl I heard somoeone say if you bit a piece of gold and it dented that meant it was real! Mysteriously, there are tiny bite marks on all my mom's jewelry from the 70's era. I have stopped biting jewelry and we have a much better system here for making sure ours is 18k. I am working on lockets in both silver and gold versions...incorporating colored gems...with a few hidden bite marks just for fun...


  1. my mom has a gold bracelet that has a bite mark from her brother,guess he heard the same thing! *giggles*

  2. my mom just told me that I had seen a pirate bite a gold coin in a movie and that is where I got the inspiration...

  3. I just read this and it made me smile ( from ear to ear) remembering Daisy & Finn teething -lurching like mini vampires for my jeanine payer pendants - must be inherent in the design!!! Nxx