Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evolution of Photo Pieces

In 1989 I had just discovered the work of French artist Christian Boltanski and his use of faces, mainly children in reverential and church-like settings. Though his work has a darkness, this ouvre inspired me to want to use photographs in my work. Jewelry became a new extension of my creative expression.

I incorporated miniature nails (from the train store), tiny grey feathers, insect wings and locks of my own hair. Looking back I think I was rebelling against the upbeat, cheerful art jewelry I was seeing in museum stores and boutiques. These pieces were highly personal.

The Wink necklace has been in our collection for nearly 14 years.

Over time the centerpiece became a singular tiny child's image from the turn of the century. I would say it represented potential and hopefulness, a good luck charm similar to a medal with a saint's image. The addition of Rilke poetry added a depth combined with the mysterious, sweet image.

Gold leaf gave the photos an almost religious aura.

My current picture pieces have evolved and are now exclusively designed to feature custom photos, my own pictures of William and those of clients. They have always been a quiet side to my main collection but now they have become much more important to me. They are personal amulets that hold the image in a point in time. My Fuentes holds Will exactly at age 9 months-- documenting a moment. The picture from childhood captures a time of pure potential and joy--it captures our feelings as well. This time-capsule from father to the mother, friend to friend, or to yourself holds a piece of imagination and of inspiration....


  1. It is so wonderful how you have found a way to enjoy old photos beyond just looking at them in an album that is usually just gathering dust on a shelf. I have some lovely photos of grandparents and greatgrandparents who were gone before I was born - and looking at their faces, especially the ones when they were young, makes me feel like they are here. My mother gave my daughter a gift certificate for your store when she graduated from middle school about a year ago and she found a unique poem which your artists beautifully engraved onto a bracelet. It is such a treasure.
    Every time I find a beautiful poen I think I should have it put on one of your pieces!

  2. I love the wink necklace. Its on my wish list !!!