Monday, January 18, 2010

Look What Oprah Found

I couldn't be happier. My butterfly is sitting underneath an antique magnifying glass on top of a velvet book in the February issue of O magazine.


  1. Dear Jeanine,
    I bought the Avalon last year and I absolutely love it! It is my most treasured piece of jewelry! The Juliette and Wallace necklaces are also part of my collection!

  2. as it should be!
    and why has oprah not featured your inaugural pendant? i ask.
    but, congratulations on the wonderful recognition of your art.

    and of course, i've been thinking a great deal about a year ago, and our excitement over PRAISE SONG and elizabeth alexander. . .and feeling quite special with my beautiful bracelet.

  3. I sent Oprah a Praise bracelet and she wrote a lovely thank you note that is now sitting on my shelf with the others...sort of great to get a thank you from Oprah!! It was an exciting time and a thrill to work with Elizabeth Alexander...we are now waiting for permission to use another amazing, AMAZING poet's work...keep you posted.

    Thank you both for the congrats! It was a long time coming, I agree. Both you gals have great pieces...I don't even have those--the shoemaker's children go shoeless :)

  4. Hey JP, I was reading my mother's issue of O Magazine and when I saw the Avalon I was so excited for you! Congratulations. It was a great photo!

  5. Thanks MK! Can't wait to see you a week from now! xo,j