Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Day of Christmas Feature on Dale

The Dale was made back in 1999 and it was in a small collection called Boites D'argents. It was originally part of a three box nesting set that hung from a very long chain,and over time the design was simplified into one elegant solo box. The simplicity of the design combines powerfully with Rumi's words to create a design that has endured and become a part of our repertory of favorites.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

-Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

This piece is named after my dear friend, Dale Lindholm. When I first started making jewelry my work caught the attention of the wonderful actors Kyle Mclaughlin and Lara Flynn Boyle who had worked together on the legendary television show Twin Peaks and were a couple at that time. In San Francisco shooting a movie about Jim Morrison and The Doors, they came into a shop where my designs were featured. When they found out I didn't yet sell to any stores in Los Angeles they gave me the card for a small store on Melrose and told me to be sure to tell the manager that they sent me. This is the backstory to how I actually got my work into THE jewelry store in Los Angeles at that time. Dale was the scary and intimidating manager who ended up ordering every single piece in my mini Russian suitcase...I still have that thing. At my first appointment I was so nervous that I couldn't take my necklaces out of the suitcase due to my trembling hands and had to have my best friend there to help me. I also remember wearing a tragic outfit---that may have included a cape or a floor length velvet dress, I'm not sure--it was the late 80's. As time went on I remember Dale telling me that Brad Pitt was always coming in and buying up my things to give as gifts, especially for his then girlfriend, Juliette Lewis. The funny thing is that back then Brad Pitt was just the hot cowboy from Thelma and Louise, who knew?. Dale and I remain great friends to this day and he never lets me forget that his namesake has remained all these years one of our top sellers. I think it is perfect to close this special 12 days with a nod towards Dale and all those who have been so helpful along my journey as a designer; you just never know where the angels are in this life; they turn up unexpectedly and they help you along in ways that are pure magic. And to those of you reading, thank you as well, and may you all be blessed with good friends and happy holidays!


  1. So interesting to hear about yr beginnings! I have been buying yr jewellery for many, many years. Hv this necklace, but with different saying, by Rilke, with second smaller cube. Your beautiful choice of words makes it TOO easy to buy pieces. I know I already hv too many, but something comes along that 'speaks to me' & I just 'need' to have it! I love hearing the stories behind each of your pieces.... With much admiration, lilly harris, melbourne, australia

  2. thank you so much for your comment, Lilly. I am curious...what stores in Australia did you get your pieces? I sold to a few years ago when I used to do the Paris trade show. -JP

  3. I bought most of my pieces in new york, some in atlanta, & this year my lucky daughter visited your san francisco store & bought some pieces for both of us. She was graciously given a tour of your studio.. One day it will be me!
    I have never seen your jewellery for sale in australia. I have also bought quite a bit online.
    I am expecting my first grandchild, & am looking forward to ordering a photo piece..
    I always joke to my family that my jp pieces will be their heirlooms!
    lilly harris, melbourne, australia

  4. I love your work. I received this necklace for my first mother's day - 1999. It has one of your baby with wings under glass.