Saturday, December 13, 2008

3rd Day of Christmas Feature on Wallace and Francesca

The Wallace and Francesca are huge hits in Japan since the time when I first made them in 2002.

I have a feeling they have stuck around and have maintained their popular status due to the beautiful tiny stone hanging from an 18k wire and because of their sentiments:

On the Wallace: Nothing is worth more than this day.--Goethe
and on the Francesca: The spirit is the true self. --Cicero

Megan, one of our engravers, gave a Wallace in 18k to her sister for her 30th birthday and it was a hit. I was told her sister is very hard to buy jewelry for but that, in this case, she never takes her Wallace off whether she is being fancy or casual.

I personally think the Wallace or Francesca are great gifts for someone being introduced to my jewelry for the first time...

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  1. This is such a wonderful holiday idea! You all are geniuses! It makes me want to buy everything--now that's the point, right? I hope that you'll have the Sutter necklace after Christmas because I asked for gift certificates in order to buy it! It's not on the website anymore so I got nervous :-).

    Happy holidays!
    Kate Richey