Thursday, December 11, 2008

1st Day of Christmas Feature on Palmer

We have decided to feature a special piece each day, over the next 12 days. The first day we picked the Palmer cuff handmade in sterling silver. Each Palmer is hand engraved with a passage from Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke… the Stephen Mitchell translation is the best in my opinion and deeply moving. This book was very important and inspirational to me as a young artist in my early 20's.

I will never forget one Christmas season Barneys New York featured it in their holiday catalog and we were here into the wee hours engraving what felt like hundreds of them. I engraved 7 in a row before realizing I’d left a word out on every one! In the recycling bin they went!

When I first opened my tiny retail store the owner of De Vera came in and bought a Palmer for himself. I was so flattered and honored. Federico De Vera is a kind man known world wide for having impeccable taste and talent. I am also honored to have my candle snuffer among the objects so reverentially displayed in his store.

I designed the Palmer in 2004 and it has since become a classic. This bracelet is easy to wear and is a bold 'statement piece'. It is larger in scale compared to my usual work yet there is still a feeling of intimacy that the smaller pieces carry because of the subtlety of the thoughtful and meditative passage.


  1. This quote is so important to me. Someone gave it to me when I was 18 years old and struggling with "coming out". I'm 56 years old now and still have the original piece of paper they gave me. I've had my eye on the Palmer bracelet for a long time. Thanks for offering this special discount! I ordered one straight away. Happy Holidays!

  2. It is amazing that you are offer such incredible specials on your pieces. I have long admired your work but have not yet received or purchased any pieces though I think that will soon change! : ) Unfortunately I missed the "1st Day" . . . I know it is days late (I also tried sending a note to directly to Customer Service on the website) but I wanted to see if it was to late to get the Palmer . . . Thank you!