Wednesday, December 10, 2008


sou ve nir n. A token of remembrance; a memento. [French, from Old French, to recall, memory]

The 'Jeanine Payer Souvenir' is being rolled out today. It is our version of a 'gift certificate' and since we are hand engraving each one with the recipient and the giver's names, you can also choose any amount you wish to give. It is presented in our beautiful box with a green gingham ribbon. Sometimes it is challenging to select the perfect piece, the perfect poem, the perfect ring size or chain length, and this is an extraodinarily beautiful solution.

I love the French word 'souvenir' and the idea of having a memory of the moment of the gift---a tangible memento that sticks around, ends up hanging on your Christmas tree, used as a book mark, or at the very least a cool gum scraper.

In our weekly meeting last Tuesday someone here jokingly suggested creating sterling silver gift certificates; each one hand engraved in our signature style. How about taking a punch and hammering them upon redemption?...more hilarity...but then I looked around to see the room go silent, with people looking up in the air, biting pencils...scratching their heads...I guess this is the way the best creative ideas come about. Upon reflection this was an inspired idea!

It was one of our most productive meetings in a long time; one where we had FUN despite this new economic climate that is affecting all cottage trade manufacturers...see: 'jewelry' and 'discretionary income.' Our decision to hand engrave a silver gift certificate, usually a throw-away normally printed on paper for pennies was born of this crazy time, where all decisions are made in response to entirely new needs. How does what we create become a communication of beauty and hope for the makers and the wearers? I hope everyone loves these 'souvenirs' as much as we love making them!




  1. This is such a beautiful, inspired, recyclable, cherishable token; on mine , under amount, put "love knows no bounds..."

  2. thank you!!! we are going to have a pizza party once we sell one!!! jp