Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Tiny Things

Look at how tiny the detail on this ring is.

and notice how perfect the detail is close up. This is a ring who's secret is in the small detail that can best be seen with a magnifying glass and can only be achieved by the work of a hand. It reminds me of the poetry we engrave in that it is not easy to see and yet we know what is there and what it means to us.

The other ring is by the Italian jewelry house of Buccellati and it is the gift I received after giving birth to my son, William, from his father and I cherish it--not only for what it represents but I also adore how it looks. The detail is dense and from afar the design is subtle. I appreciate the endowed meaning that is inherent in some tiny things.


  1. I also have a ring from my great grandmother that has incredible design and is tiny like the ring with the floral design on it. Both of your rings are absolutely stunning! :)