Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Elvedina, like many of the metalsmiths here, has so many years experience in our studio that she can almost finish my sentences when we are working on new designs. We were so gleeful when this bracelet that holds the words inside itself was finished. The Brindisi is just a really neat piece because it also is like a sculpture when it is sitting fully opened.


  1. Jeanine I hope you see this. I have been buying your pieces for many years. They are all so special. I recently bought the necklace with The Apache Blessing inscribed. I always wear at least one of your creations. If I am feeling blah, it is like a mantra, a zen moment, when I touch the piece and think of the quote. I am going to buy the Brindisi for my mom. Great piece, in fact they all are. Thank you for making such beautiful jewelry that is the best to wear.
    One more thing..I am happy your line has a range of prices. I bought my first piece, The Yabba when it was $135, I fealt guilty..now I think..I deserve this! :-) I know what has happened with gold and silver prices!
    Glad I found a place I could tell you that your art makes this gal happy.
    Thanks again for the joy of your art